In 2000, the Directors and some of their business associates founded Qino Flagship AG and in 2001, Qino Capital Partners AG, both in Switzerland. Qino Flagship AG focussed on early stage technology investments and Qino Capital Partners AG focussed on private equity buyout strategies. In 2007, both companies were listed on the Berne Stock Exchange.

In 2015, Qino Flagship AG was merged into Qino Capital Partners AG and the merged company was renamed to Qino AG. In 2018, the majority shareholder of Qino AG, Qino Group Holding AG, launched a voluntary public takeover bid and acquired all outstanding shares of the company. The company was delisted from the Berne Stock Exchange and it sold its major assets to Qino PIPE ONE Ltd based on the valuations from the independent Fairness Opinion, which had to be prepared for the public takeover bid.

Before the company was taken private it had a net asset value of EUR 36.4m after it returned EUR 58.0m back to its shareholders via capital decreases over the years. The company structured and carried out 20 major PIPE investments via both private and public transactions and exited 16 major investments via takeover bids, M&A transactions and secondary placings.