Company Fact Sheet for Qino PIPE ONE Ltd

Qino PIPE ONE Ltd is registered in Cyprus under HE347714. Its Cyprus TIC is 10347714N, which is also its Cyprus VAT number. The LEI assigned to it is 391200MQRUD0M9M1BC76.

The company’s offices are the Ground Floor of 7 Halim Bay, 3045 Limassol, Cyprus. The managing directors of the company are:

  • Gottfried Springer (CFO), major other functions: Director of Qino Management & Advisory Ltd
  • Gerhard Auer (COO, major other functions: Supervisory Board Member of Heilig & Schubert Software AG)
  • The company secretary is Nicander Secretaries Ltd. The company’s bankers are VP Bank (Switzerland), Baader Bank (Germany) and Astrobank (Cyprus).
  • The Company does not pursue a defined investment strategy and has implemented a shareholder advisory board, which has the authority to make decisions on any business matters.
  • Shareholders who own more than 10% of the issued share capital are Qino JB Ltd. (51%, owned by Josef Blazicek) and Qino GS Ltd. (26%, owned by Gottfried Springer).
  • The major current corporate projects of the company are:
  • The development of a 20% stake in Pankl AG. The company owns 77% of SHW AG (www.shw.de) and 99% of Pankl Racing Systems AG (www.pankl.com).
  • The development of a 7.2 % stake in Unternehmens Invest AG (www.uiag.at).