Qino Pipe One Ltd

This company develops long-term investments in the IT and automotive sectors. Qino Pipe One Ltd owns a 20.0% stake in Pankl AG, a 20.1% stake in UIAG Informatik Holding GmbH and a 7.4% stake in Heilig and Schubert Software AG.


Qino Pipe One Ltd teamed up with Pierer Industrie AG to acquire majority stakes in Pankl Racing Systems AG and SHW AG. This happened via various public takeover bids and Going Private initiatives. Currently the top holding Pankl AG owns 100% of Pankl Racing Systems AG and 78% of SHW AG. The group realised numerous technical synergies to complement the appropriate product offerings and grew annual revenues to €936m employing 4,373 persons.

Information Technology

  • Qino Pipe One Ltd teamed up with Unternehmensinvest AG to acquire a majority stake in All For One Group SE, which is a leading SAP service provider in the German-speaking region. The company is quoted on Xetra and grew its revenues to €488m employing 2,800 persons.
  • Qino Pipe One Ltd owns a 7.4% stake in Heilig & Schubert Software AG, which develops document management & archiving software.

Renewable Energy

  • QINO Solar One Ltd., registered in Cyprus under HE 392880, builds and operates photovoltaic parks primarily in Cyprus. The Company currently owns a PV capacity of 1.7 MW and evaluates complementing its PV parks with a battery solution.
  • QINO Energy Ltd., registered in Cyprus under HE 409399, provides the full range of operational services to acquire or build and operate photovoltaic parks and battery solutions. QINO Energy Ltd. is owned 50 % by QINO Management & Advisory Ltd, 25 % by Philipp Mayer, and 25 % by Georgios Giannakidis.

Cyprus Projects

Golden Rayed Ltd. (200 kW – Solarpark in Lania, the solarpark with a view)

Golden Rayed Ltd. is a 200 kW solar park built in Lania, Cyprus. The park was completed in July 2022 and is in operation since then.

Iris Lenor Energy Ltd.

In July 2022, we acquired a 1.5MW photovoltaic parkwhich is in operation since July 2020. The park is located at Ayios Ioannis, Malounta, Nicosia District.

Cyber Security

  • Smartigence Ltd runs long-term strategic investments in Cybersecurity companies primarily in Israel. The current investments of the Company are:
    • Cardinal Ops – – a threat coverage optimisation platform
    • Vicarius – – the developer of TOPIA, a leading autonomous vulnerability remediation product suite
    • Guardz – – a unified cybersecurity platform for MSPs
    • Opus Security – a cloud-native security operations automation platform
    • Apex – security solutions for LLMs used in enterprises
  • Smartigence completed the following exits:
    • ZecOps – acquired by Jamf in 2022
    • DIG Security – acquired by Palo Alto Networks in 2023
  • We collaborate and co-operate with Cyverse AG – – which since 2016 has established itself as a leading provider of next-generation Israeli cybersecurity solutions for enterprises in Europe.

AI and IoT

Qino Engineers AG is based in Switzerland in Rothusstrasse 21, 6331 Hünenberg and registered under CHE-442.201.227. It focusses primarily on strategic long-term technology investments in AI and IoT. The major past investment was a 33%-stake in EYYES GmbH which is the leading provider of safety-critical Artificial Intelligence applications in mobility and industry in Europe and was acquired by Vector Informatik GmbH in 2024. The Company was involved with EYYES from its foundation phase. EYYES develops modular, scalable, intelligent, safety-critical Artificial Intelligence products for applications in mobility and industry. The company has won numerous awards and its products are used worldwide.