Selection of Historic Projects

Opportunistic Early Days

  • AHT (2001 – 2002): No majority shareholder, building of position to become largest single shareholder, buyout concept, takeover by Quadriga, realised performance of 36%.
  • Semperit (2002 – 2003): Building of position, syndication with other shareholders, search for suitable strategic buyer, buyout concept, eventually B&C acquired majority and we realised a performance of 27%.
  • AUA (2004): Building of position, syndication with other shareholders, search for strategic buyer, secondary placing, realised performance of more than 100%.


  • SHW AG (2016 – current): No majority shareholder, building of position, we won Pierer Industrie AG as strategic partner, our stake was bundled in SHW Beteiligungs GmbH, which after two voluntary takeover bids reached a stake of 77% in SHW AG. SHW Beteiligungs GmbH acquired Pankl Racing Systems and was renamed Pankl AG.
  • Pankl Racing Systems AG (2004 – current): Acquisition of stake from founder and syndication with management, strategic re-positioning and corporate restructuring, introduction of new majority shareholder, stock exchange listings, realised performance of 64%. Reinvested via Pankl SHW Industries GmbH in 2018.
  • WP AG (2014 – 2016): 10% stake before stock exchange listing, realised performance of 33%.

Information Technology

  • All For One Steeb AG (2013 – current): No majority shareholder and Beko Holdings AG was largest single shareholder, we built a position and assisted first CROSS Industries and then UIAG to become majority shareholder. We established supervisory board representation. In secondary placements in 2017, we realised a performance of more than 300%. We sold our whole direct position of about 10% of the company. We remain invested in the company via our 7.2 % stake in Unternehmens Invest AG (UIAG). We will continue to have supervisory board representation. We work actively with UIAG, the majority owner of All For One Steeb AG to continue to develop this company.
  • Beko Holding AG (2003 – 2015): Listed holding, which traded at discount to cash, building of position, supervisory board representation, intense communication with large shareholders, realised performance of 159%.
  • Concept AG (2002): Listed holding which traded below cash, building of position, intense contact with majority shareholder, buyout concept which was then executed by majority shareholder alone, we realised a performance of 73%.
  • Fabasoft Software AG (2001 – 2004): Building of position, second largest shareholder after founders, intense communication with founders, realised performance of 185%.
  • Heilig & Schubert Software AG (2008) – demerger and sale of the PAM Email Archive Product to Metalogix for EUR 24m
  • Jajah (2009) – sale to Telefonica/O2 for USD 207m

Renewable Energy

  • QINO Solar One Ltd. builds and operates photovoltaic parks in Cyprus and Greece. It will also invest in ESCo projects in Cyprus. The company is majority owned by Qino JB Ltd.
  • QINO Energy Ltd. provides the full range of project management services to build and operate photovoltaic parks in Cyprus and Greece and to define and run ESCo projects in Cyprus. QINO Energy Ltd. is owned 50 % by QINO Management & Advisory Ltd. and 25 % by Philipp Mayer as well as 25 % by Georgios Giannakidis.