QINO Group companies were first established in 1999 to pursue the vision of an independent and conflict-free group of companies, which adheres to the highest ethical standards.

In the past, QINO was a group of research, investment and advisory firms specialised in the development of strategic corporate investments, both on a proprietary basis and also as a trusted partner for institutional and qualified investors. In 2018, the activities of the Group were streamlined and simplified.

Today our activities comprise strategic, proprietary, long-term private investment in public equity (PIPE), which is carried out by Qino PIPE ONE Ltd. registered in Cyprus under HE347714 and business consulting services ranging from competition, product and market research to investor relations, controlling and corporate intelligence.

Qino PIPE ONE Ltd. is majority owned by Qino JB Ltd, which is the private company of Josef Blazicek. The directors of Qino PIPE ONE Ltd. own 88% of the company. The remaining shares are owned by long term associates of the directors who are successful entrepreneurs and business professionals. Personal relationships between this group of persons exceed 20 years in most cases.
Our business consulting services are carried out by Qino Management & Advisory Ltd, registered in Cyprus under HE281096. This company also manages our office facilities in the Ground Floor of 7 Halim Bay in Limassol and also our human resources. Until 30/6/2018, this company also carried out investment advisory and was regulated by CySEC. From 1/7/2018, this company does not provide any investment advisory services anymore and voluntarily renounced its CySEC license.

Qino Group Services AG, registered under CHE-101.148.433 in Switzerland carries out administration and accounting services.