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QINO Mission Statement


QINO Group companies were first established in 1999 to pursue the vision of an independent and conflict-free group of companies, which adheres to the highest ethical standards.

In the past, QINO was a group of research, investment and advisory firms specialised in the development of strategic corporate investments, both on a proprietary basis and as a trusted partner for institutional and qualified investors. In 2018, the activities of the Group were streamlined and simplified.


Qino JB Ltd registered in Cyprus under HE 349582 is 100% owned by Josef Blazicek. The company owns majority stakes in Qino Pipe One Ltd, which develops strategic long-term investments in the IT and automotive sector, in Qino Solar One, which owns solar parks in Cyprus, in Qino Management & Advisory Ltd and Qino Engineers AG.


SHW AG (2016 – current): No majority shareholder, building of position, we won Pierer Industrie AG as strategic partner, our stake was bundeld in SHW Beteiligungs GmbH, which after a voluntary takeover bid reached a stake of 50.2% in SHW AG. SHW Beteiligungs GmbH acquired Pankl Racing Systems and was renamed Pankl SHW Industries GmbH.

All For One Steeb AG (2013 – current): No majority shareholder and Beko Holdings AG was largest single shareholder, we built a position and assisted first CROSS Industries and then UIAG to become majority shareholder. We established supervisory board representation. In secondary placements in 2017, we realised a performance of more than 300%. We sold our whole direct position of about 10% of the company. We remain invested in the company via our 7.2 % stake in Unternehmens Invest AG. We will continue to have supervisory board representation. We work actively with UIAG, the majority owner of All For One Steeb AG to continue to develop this company.